Soul Care Conference Participant Guide (PDF)


This is a pdf copy of the Soul Care Conference Participant Guide

The Guide Includes:

  • Notes for each of the sessions covered in the book and videos, including Scripture references and suggestions for additional reading
  • Instructions for application of the material in "triad time" (same-gender groups of 3 that meet after each session to make application of the material to their life)
  • Additional tips and tools that can be used in your walk with God, such as "Journaling" and "Establishing a Rule of Life"


1.  Don't just read the book and/or watch the videos. 

This is material that needs processing.  We are a "knowledge based" discipleship culture.  Jesus is an "obedience based" discipleship teacher.  Knowledge without obedience leaves us more like the Pharisees and less like Jesus.  So, please, find others that are interested in going through the materials with you and go through it together.  We have found that same-gender triads work best.  They are large enough so that there is community but still small enough to allow time to process with one another fairly deeply.  The issues that will be discussed are pretty tough; people tend to be more honest if they are processing with others of the same sex and not family members.

2. Take your time through the material. 

Don’t just quickly apply one week and be "done."  If you need more time to assimilate, process, etc., then take more time.  Often people will find themselves working through the material again and again as different issues arise.  This is how normal growth occurs!

3. Focus on application. 

Whether you are working through the material with friends or leading a group or a bunch of groups, we cannot stress this enough.  The material is to be applied, not memorized or even just understood.  If you are asking questions, don't focus on what the material says, focus on how you will apply the material in your life?  (Ex., not so much "Why should we forgive?" but "Who do you need to forgive?")  There are questions at the end of each chapter of Soul Care for discussion which are helpful to work through as well as in the "Experience" sections for each principle in the Soul Care Conference Participant Guide pdf. 


**This Soul Care Participant Guide is not for distribution or reproduction.
© 2016 Dr. Rob Reimer, all rights reserved. 
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