The Tenderness of Jesus

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The Tenderness of Jesus

An Invitation to Experience the Savior


The world is a broken place marred by evil, and evil’s influence impacts us all. It is often difficult for people to grasp what God is like in a world such as ours. Jesus shows us the heart of God in a world of heartache. He is the most beautiful, compelling, tender person who has lived.

Jesus is the radiance of God’s glory. He shines forth what God is like; He is a beacon of light that cuts through the darkness of evil and radiates the goodness of God. He is the exact representation of God the Father. If you want to know what God is like, look to Jesus. Don’t look through the lens of evil or the lenses of either the church or religion. Look to Jesus. That is why He came. The world is not an exact representation of God. The church is not an exact representation of God. Jesus is. He came to freshly present what the Father is like to those of us who are spiritually impaired by a world of suffering.

The Tenderness of Jesus, in many ways, is my most personal book to date. I invite you to listen in as I write to my four young adult children about the tenderness of Jesus Christ. Come sit with us around the dinner table. May this fresh glimpse of Jesus heal your broken heart and reignite your spiritual fervor.


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“Pain subsides, life will end. But the tenderness of Jesus lasts forever.”

The Tenderness of Jesus is the truth for which this generation has been waiting. They’ve been let down by leaders at home, at school, and in power. They’ve inherited a neutered church. They’ve been assailed by weaponized religion. They’re burned out from striving and numbed out from soothing the void. They’re hungry for authenticity, integrity, humility. They are ravenous for world change.

Who will save them?

There is only One whose shoulders can bear the burden they’ve carried and redeem it. His name is Jesus.

In The Tenderness of Jesus, Dr. Rob Reimer doesn’t speak as a man who has stood behind a pulpit, but as a father who has rocked his children in the midnight hour. He speaks as a dad whose heart bursts with love for his disquieted babies. To his kids he offers compassion, even amid rebellion, as he narrates his own transparency and accountability. In writing from this perspective as a loving father, Rob himself reflects Christ’s love for His children. And as he releases them to their own paths in a tumultuous time, Rob points them toward True North.

The Tenderness of Jesus is a love letter from a father to his children. And we, as the reader, have the privilege of appropriating that story for ourselves.

Jesus Himself is the author and finisher of all the things we hope for and don’t yet see. It’s been said that He has selected and saved this particular generation to establish His plan for redemption. Bruised in a fallen world, He’ll use their tenderness to carry it out. And he’ll use The Tenderness of Jesus to show them how.

Elizabeth Hopkins, Journalist


In The Tenderness of Jesus, Dr. Rob Reimer walks us through the process of understanding why a loving God would allow evil in our world. Jesus is God’s solution to all the issues of humanity, and in this book, you’ll understand just how much so. He brings us back to the fundamentals, focusing our eyes on Jesus and Him alone. Dr. Rob illustrates the beauty that can be found through the goodness of Jesus and His sacrifice for the sake of a broken world. The reminders and examples of the true tenderness of Jesus spilled on these pages will reignite a tenderness in yourself toward the Father and toward those around you. I invite you to read this book and encounter Jesus as He really is, perhaps as you have never known Him before.

Ron Eivaz
Senior Pastor, Harvest Church ( and Founder and Apostolic Overseer, Harvest Ministry Network (

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