The Soul Care Leader

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The Soul Care Leader

Healthy Living and Leading

How do we live a healthy life and lead others into spiritual, emotional and relational health and wholeness? 

Trying to help other find freedom and wholeness is draining work. 

  • What do we do to become healthy and maintain our well-being? 
  • What are the practices and rhythms we need to engage in to be effective Soul Care practitioners? 
  • How do we create a culture where life-change flourishes? 
  • How do we minister in the power of the Spirit so that we can lead others into breakthroughs?

Too often people are talking about the same problems that they were talking about several years ago but they aren’t finding a path to freedom.  We need to help people get to the roots and not merely manage their dysfunction and sin.  These are the questions and topics that this book will seek to equip you in as you seek to live and lead people into freedom and fullness in Christ.

308 pages


"Through his own spiritual story and experience Rob shares what is possible through a life lived by the power of the presence of God. He invites those who desire more peace, authority and fullness to pursue their intimacy with God. Rob clearly calls those who desire real life change and want to help others experience this genuine change, to engage in a spiritual life rhythm that develops them to carry a greater presence of the Father.

As the saying goes “we can only take others as far as we have gone ourselves,” Rob has passionately and humbly led the way in living out spiritual principles that can ignite revival in a church. In The Soul Care Leader, Rob helps us by passing on valuable wisdom and experience that God has taught him. The question is what will we do with the gift of this wisdom and invitation to engage in the quest for spiritual revival in our churches?"

- John Hutchinson, Churches of Christ of Western Australia

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