Deep Faith

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Jesus said, “Very truly I tell you, all who have faith in me will do the works that I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these” (John 14:12). The extraordinary promise of Jesus is that we can do Kingdom works that He did - cast out demons, heal the sick, save the lost and set the captives free. 

Jesus wants to advance his Kingdom through us. But this promise comes with a condition: the level of our Kingdom activity is dependent upon our faith. 

There are promises in Heaven that God wants to release, but they cannot be released without faith. There are miracles that God wants to do that cannot be done without faith. There are answers to prayer that God wants to unleash that cannot be unleashed without faith. There are works of the Kingdom that God wants to accomplish that cannot be accomplished unless the people of God develop deeper faith. But there is hope for all of us, because faith can be developed. 

Faith opens doors and creates opportunities for accessing God’s power against all odds. Faith is a difference maker, a future shaper, a bondage breaker, a Kingdom mover. In his latest book, Dr. Rob Reimer challenges readers to develop deep faith that can release the works of the Kingdom. Faith is not static; it is dynamic. We can and must take an intentional path toward developing our faith if we want to see the works of the Kingdom in greater measure.

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